Hello Kyiv… this is Pride in Hull calling!


Everyone loves Eurovision and we knew that we had to have an iconic performer from the annual carnival of all things camp, cultured and colourful join us for Pride in Hull. As today is the big Eurovision 2017 grand final, we couldn’t refrain from sharing some big news. A message to your heart, from ours. 

Over the years, the celebration of song has brought us all kinds of everything, so we had lots to choose from. We’ve already flown the flag with Scooch and so took time making our minds up about who to invite to perform for us. Should we say congratulations to a recent winner? Or shine a light on a fan favourite who didn’t perform as well as expected?

As Hull has the honour of being named the first ever UK Pride and is enjoying its reign as the UK City of Culture 2017, we knew we had to have one of the UK’s Eurovision heroes join us. Because sometimes it’s better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t, we looked to Liverpool, the former European Capital of Culture, for some inspiration and we’re euphoric to announce that 80s diva Sonia will be taking you to your musical heaven in Queen’s Gardens this July!

As well as her classic Eurovision entry ‘Better the Devil You Know’, you can look forward to Sonia taking us through the decades with her number one smash ‘You’ll Never Stop Me Loving You’ and over a decade of hits.

So now everybody knows, we’re hoping for a little peace over at Pride in Hull HQ!

PS. Polite request, no Wild Dances