Get yourself ready for this weekend’s celebrations


The festivities will start with a parade running from Hull College to Queens Gardens, between noon and 2pm, with a huge day of music and celebration running later.

Acts including Marc Almond, B*Witched and Cleopatra will be performing on a packed bill.

Here, the organisers have answered all the questions you may have before the huge event.

What’s banned from Pride?

So, much to the despair of some, and the relief of others, selfie sticks will not be allowed and neither will large umbrellas.

You can’t take any alcohol into the festival site. You can take small bottles of water or soft drinks, providing they are in sealed, unopened bottles.

And any prescription medication you need to take must be sealed.

Do you need tickets?

No. However, all contributions are welcome and there’ll be plenty of opportunities to make a donation on the day, or visit the Pride in Hull website to donate there.

Will bags be searched?

Yes, bags will be searched, so try to avoid bringing one if you can to speed up the process of getting everyone in. You don’t want to miss one of the acts because you were stuck in a queue.

Will people be searched?

Yes, in the interests of safety, people will be searched upon entry. Organisers are advising to bring as little as possible with you to make this process as quick as possible.

What time does it end?

The curfew at Queens Gardens is 9pm, so once the event draws to a close, please start to make your way to the exits and head to one of the many excellent LGBT venues in Hull to carry on the party.

Is it a family friendly event?

Yes. Pride is for everyone with one and all encouraged to enjoy the celebration.

What food and drink will be available?

A wide range of food and drink will be available on site, including alcoholic beverages and soft drinks and food, with vegetarian options.

Can you leave the site and re-enter?

Yes, although once the venue reaches capacity, organisers will use a one-in-one-out queuing system.

Where can you park?

There is no dedicated parking, but we would advise using public transport to get into the city centre as it is likely to be busier than usual.

What arrangements are there for people with disabilities?

There will be a raised area for wheelchair users. Organisers will also welcome BSL interpreters back to the stage who have been involved with Pride in Hull for many years.


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