Hull’s Summer Unites

Pride in Hull

Pride in Hull, Humber Street Sesh, and Freedom Festival Promise a Season of Diversity, Music, and Celebration of Culture

This summer, the stage will be set in Hull as the three major events – Pride in Hull, Humber Street Sesh, and Freedom Festival – come together to support one another and create a sense of unity within the community.

As the triumvirate of summer festivities, these events are delivering a new message of unity to their audiences. The collaboration aims to break down barriers, celebrate diversity, and provide a platform for shared experiences, making this summer truly unforgettable.

Together, the three festivals attract approximately 130,000 people into the city centre, Humber Street, and Marina, with visitors contributing £millions to the local economy. The idea to unite is born from the desire to create a one-Hull festival season that puts Hull on the map this summer.

Each event delivers a unique message, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Hull’s cultural landscape

Pride in Hull

As an advocate for the LGBTQI+ community, Pride in Hull places particular emphasis on Trans rights and issues this year, ensuring inclusivity and representation at the forefront.

This year Pride takes place on Saturday 27th July.

Humber Street Sesh

Passionately dedicated to promoting and providing a festival platform for local musicians and bands, Humber Street Sesh continues to be the heartbeat of Hull’s thriving music scene. The collaboration will amplify the reach of these local talents, ensuring they resonate beyond the city’s borders.

This year Sesh takes place on Saturday 3rd August.

Freedom Festival

With its world-class cultural offerings, Freedom Festival seeks not only to showcase the city’s artistic prowess but also to shed light on crucial societal issues, such as coercive control and modern-day slavery. This year’s edition promises to be a powerful platform for discussions on matters that impact the local community.

This year Freedom takes place from 28th August to 1st September.
Mike Martins, Andy Train, Elise Witty & Dave Mays

Andy Train, recently appointed Chair of Pride in Hull, says: “Our collaboration is more than a mere alliance; it’s a harmonious celebration of diversity, culture, and community. By sharing audiences, we can educate and inform a broader spectrum.”

Elise Witty from Humber Street Sesh says: “The longevity of our events speaks for itself. If you put it on, people in Hull will bring the atmosphere. While Sesh, Pride, and Freedom are completely different, we can create awareness within each other’s communities to forge inclusion and a sense of togetherness.”

Mikey Martins, CEO and Artistic Director of Freedom Festival Arts Trust, says: “This union reinforces Hull’s commitment to inclusivity, creativity, and community engagement. This summer in Hull, the city will witness a fusion of colours, sounds, and stories, creating an atmosphere that mirrors the vibrant spirit of its residents.”

The organisers of Pride in Hull, Humber Street Sesh, and Freedom Festival invite everyone to celebrate diversity, support local talent, and engage in conversations that matter. Look out for their schedules on social media.

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