International Women’s Day 2021

Pride in Hull

On this International Women’s Day we shine the spotlight on some of our amazing team members that identify as women.

Cat (She, Her, Hers) – Trustee & Welfare Manager

As May’s Angelou once said “I am a feminist. I’ve been female for a long time now. I’d be stupid not to be on my own side”  

I think women are amazing and we absolutely deserved to be seen as such. 

It saddens me that in 2021 so much inequality is still present. I hope that one day ALL HUMANS are respected and treated with dignity, respect and equality. No one person is more equal than another 

The fight for women’s rights will continue until equality is achieved. I want equality for all, I strive for equal rights for women, for ALL women, women of colour, women of all shapes and sizes, women of all ages, women of all gender identities and sexual preferences, women of all religions and languages. 

Shanaz (She, Her, Hers) Welfare Officer

As Coco Chanel said, “Beauty begins the moment you believe in yourself”. I believe this is true as women we are often told to conform to stereotypes but I say don’t, we are strong, we are powerful, we are independent and beautiful…. be who you want to be and let your wings spread and fly… be kind to each other and respect each other we are stronger united.

Cashie (She, Her, Hers) BAME Officer

I wanted to produce a film of Being Black and Lesbian (BBL). A project that will concentrate on challenges within the BAME LGBTQ+ community. 

Whilst facing other challenges I started making music in 2018 as a way to express my feelings. Music gives me peace and sense of belonging. My dream wanting to be a musician has been great but also had its downfalls. When performing on live streams for rap/singing competitions, I have always felt I’m judged on my appearance e.g. People will comment asking if I’m a girl or boy? Of which I think is irrelevant because talent doesn’t have a gender. 

Facing sticky situations has only made me stronger. It has given me strength to climb even higher and do it my own way. 

If it’s meant to be, it will be no matter what gender, what race, what sexuality. Love yourself and embrace who you are.

Daira (She, Her, Hers)  Education Officer

I grew up being taught that girls grew pretty and boys grew strong. That it was ok for a girl to be bad at maths and sports. That women weren’t made for high-flying careers.  That it would be desirable to be a model or pageant queen.  That a person with less than a B cup could never be a real woman.  And I feel like this has held me back and kept me from being my best self,  right into my 20s. I struggled to fit in with other women in the LGBT+ community.  I felt like I had to cut my hair off and wear baggy jeans in order to be accepted and that wasn’t me, either.  I enjoy wearing high heels and getting dressed up.  But I wish that I could have experienced more, growing up.  I want every girl to explore all of her interests and never be held back by beauty standards and stereotypes and limiting role models.  I hope that Pride can help all girls to be free in that sense.

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